About Us
About Us:

Hi, my name is Lori Holbrook and I am the creator, owner, and designer of the CHAT Bag!  Sitting next to me is my beautiful inspiration, and daughter, Hannah.  As you may already know, Hannah communicates with an iPad and carries her voice around in her CHAT Bag, so she can CHAT it up with whoever comes in contact with her.  
I am so fortunate to have my best friend, my husband, and my wonderful son who have been a huge support system in this journey to get CHAT Bag going.  God has truly blessed me with a beautiful family!
Listed below you will meet some of the wonderful ladies who help sew CHAT Bags for us.  We are proud to say that ALL CHAT Bags are hand-made in the USA.  We love hearing your stories about how the CHAT Bag has helped you, your child, or someone you know.  This gives me the inspiration to continue on this journey to help others.  Without these ladies I would not be where I am today.  They truly are a gift from God in keeping up with regular and special orders, as well as helping with designing some of the "unique" requests we get.
Meet the ladies who help bring the CHAT Bags to life:

Sally Holbrook

Sally, A.K.A, Grammy,  has been right beside me from the beginning.  She helped bring the idea of the CHAT Bag to life from a sketch I drew on a piece of paper.  Sally has sewn hundreds of CHAT Bags and without her CHAT Bag would never have gotten started.
Sally is retired from the airline industry.  Her interests are her grandkids (total of 3), German Shepherd dog, Lola, and of course sewing!
Colleen Lokke

Colleen joined our team when CHAT Bag was taking off and getting busy!  We needed to get more CHAT Bags made as well as design and create some special requests.  Colleen has been a great help training some other ladies who also sew for us.
Colleen is a single mom of 2 and works part-time.   This is why sewing CHAT Bag's fits perfectly with her schedule.  Life is full with friends, family, church, bible study, and all the other opportunities the Lord has for her.  God has a great plan and as Colleen says, she is along for the ride!  Colleen hopes the gift of sewing, God has given her, blesses you!
Also, pictured above with her is the male figure of the house, Nufey.
Jill Papcun
Jill Papcun is happily married to her husband, Joe.  Jill is a new mom to baby Finn.  Jill likes to spend her time working at Enterprise Holdings, watching Food Network, Crafting, and going on adventures with her family!
Jill has been very helpful with sewing our CHAT Bags and we appreciate having her on our team!

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