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We do get asked a lot if CHAT Bag accepts Purchase Orders.  Yes, we do!  Many school districts have ordered CHAT Bags with Purchase Orders.  This is normally done via email.  If you are a School District and would like to place an order with a PO please contact me via email at chatbag@hotmail.com or you can just click on the comments tab and send me a message.  Directions are below!  Any questions and/or comments can be handled via email or telephone, if necessary.
**For schools in MO please send us a copy of your Tax Exempt letter, along with your PO, to avoid paying Sales Tax.  All other states are not charged sales tax.**
Directions for placing a Purchase Order:
1.  Email me (chatbag@hotmail.com) the amount and styles of CHAT Bags you are wanting to purchase.  Please either give me the name of the CHAT Bag from my website or a link to the CHAT Bag you are referencing.
2.  In this same email please let me know what information (address, phone number, W-9, etc) you are needing from me for your PO.  
3.  I will email back with a quick quote, shipping included, as well as any further information you are needing for your PO.
4.  Please note the following shipping costs in your PO.  Please see below:
   Up to 3 CHAT Bags    $10.00
   4-7 CHAT Bags  $20.00
   8-13 CHAT Bags  $30.00
   Larger orders contact me for pricing. 
5.  I prefer PO's to be sent via email, chatbag@hotmail.com!  However, if you do need to mail the PO please contact me, via email, and I will send you my mailing address. If you prefer a fax then please email me a phone number, to contact you at, so we can set up a time that I can turn my fax machine on.  I do NOT keep my fax machine on full time as I run my business out of my home.  
6.  Payments from school districts can be processed 2 ways.  A check can be mailed to my address on the invoice or payment can be made via PayPal once the invoice is sent.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make a payments on PayPal.  You can pay with a regular debit or credit card.
**Please put the CHAT Bag style (fabric, color, name, etc) on your PO, along with the tablet used,  and any special requests that were discussed prior to ordering.  **

For Special Orders or Out of Stock items, please allow 4-6 weeks, or less, for your order to be completed. 
Thank you!!!

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